My name is Yinghao Wang (Michael), and I’m a Rapids SWE in Nvidia Rapids.

I contributed extensively in cudf. My responsibilities includes designing new features, code quality maintainance and bug fixes. I code in both modern c++ and python.

During graduate school studies at Yale, I designed and coded a distributed raytracing engine to render 3D graphics world. And I implemented a compiler for the Tiger language. During undergraduate school, I implemented a rectangle segmentation algorithm to detect photo with paper notes and extract them as single images. I graduated from Yale University in 2020 as master of science. And graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University as bachelor in engineering in 2018.

During my early years, I am honored to follow the award winning filmmaker, timelapse master Thomas Lowe in production of a novel genre narrative - AWAKEN. I have assisted in image processing, editorial and data management in this evolving project. I adopted techniques such as neural networks to handle extreme hard case for some of the footages.

I grow to become a photography enthusiast. Throughout my trip across the globe and meetings with artists, I developed my own perspectives in natural history and cityscape photography. Checkout my page on photography for more.

I am fluent in Chinese and English, with intro level skill in Japanese.

  • I am fond of outdoor activities. Hiking and camping are one of them. I also jog on a regular basis.
  • To the far contrary, I also like nerdy stuff. Embedded system developments and nostalgic movies/anime etc.